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Demographics - Jan 2010

We are New Zealands' oldest (Established 1995) and most popular hunting and fishing website serving up to 10.1 million pages per month (our best month) and in general between 5-7 million depending on time of year etc.

  • Reaching a highly targeted and affluent audience of up to 270,000 users per month.
  • 10% of site users spend more than $10,000 a year on hunting or fishing gear while 29% spend over $5,000.00 per year.
  • Interests are well spread amongst users of the site ...(number of users per month) 21% (42,000) hunt for deer Hunter for Deer, Thar etc | 5.1% (10,200) Hunt Pigs | .8% (1,600) Bow Hunt | 13.2% (26,400) Hunt small game | 12.5% (25,000) fish in Saltwater | 13.2% (26,400) freshwater fish | 5.4% (10,800) have boats | 8.2% (16,400) waterfowl and game bird hunt | 6.2% (12,400) Bushwalk | 6.2% (12,400) are Firearms enthusiasts | 7.8% (15,800) engage in outdoors photography.
  • STOP PRESS.July 2012
    The Outdoor Industry Association of America recently released a report that showed People in the United States spend $646 billion a year on outdoor activities. Roughly 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives. Outdoor recreation is a growing sector of the economy, which has increased at a clip of five percent a year from 2005 to 2011.
    Below is a list of the activities that account for the most spending, according to the report.
    • Hunting: $23 Billion
    • Wildlife Viewing: $33 Billion
    • Fishing: $35 Billion
    • Off-Roading: $66 Billion
    • Camping: $143 Billion
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